CIOM Newsletter ISSUE 1

We have published our March 2021 newsletter.

Who we are

Construction Isle of Man (CIOM) is the newly formed representative body for the Construction Industry in the Isle of Man, representing contractors, consultants,tradespeople, developers, suppliers, andallied sectors. Its creation followed an agreement between the Isle of Man Construction Federation, The Isle of Man Construction Forum, The Chamber of Commerce Construction Committee and Think Construction to join to form a single representative body to work with government and the public.


Previous MACCS Contractors should now join CIOM by registering on the website by following this link.

In this months issue we discuss,

- Our aspirations

- What we have already done

- Events (past and future)

- What is coming next

You can view the full PDF version here.

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and keep up to date with all CIOM news please subscribe by following this link.

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