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Construction IOM Forum May

Please check our events page for the latest forum information that is happening Friday 25th June.

Please join us at Construction IOM forum on Friday at Eagle Lab. This forum is open to all individuals working in the Construction Sector.

On Friday we will be joined by Aly Lewin, Head of Programme Delivery at the Climate Change Transformation Team (CCTT). 

Aly will present an update on the Climate Change Action Plan.  Many of the action plan targets will have a direct impact on the Construction sector; Homes and Heating accounts for almost 1/3 of the island’s Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, therefore tackling the energy efficiency of our homes is one of our biggest challenges to address.  The action plan target is for zero emissions from heating buildings by 2050, the CCTT has appointed consultants and just started on this very important piece of work to develop a roadmap to achieve this target.  Retrofit of buildings and retrofit skills within the construction sector will be a key part of this plan.

It would be fantastic if you were available to attend this update from the CCTT and to provide your input into this subject.  Please register via Eventbrite to secure your place.

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