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Reverse VAT for Construction Seminar

Reverse VAT for Construction Seminar Monday 22 March 2021 at 16.30pm

Seminar kindly provided by Kate Brummitt at Customs and Excise

The meeting is a Teams Link provided on the eventbrite ticket

Link to eventbrite is provided further down

The reverse charge came into effect on the 1st March

You must use the Reverse Charge if you meet ALL of the following conditions:-
1. You are VAT registered
2. You supply or buy construction industry services to sell on
3. The services you buy or sell are reportable within the CIS scheme (specified
4. The services are subject to 20% or 5% VAT
5. You are NOT providing services to an end user

Link to eventbrite

There is also a downloadable document provided on our forms and resources page

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