Construction IOM Certification Scheme

This scheme is to create a register of individuals who have provided evidence that they have completed an apprenticeship and achieved a level of technical qualification in their relevant trade. Application and renewal is available online by following the registration links below.

Approved Register and Online Registrations

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Search the Construction IOM Certification Scheme Register using the search function. You can search by name, trade or registration number.

Should you wish to be listed on the Register or need to renew your application follow the 'Certificate Scheme Registration' below or simply click here.

You can view full terms and conditions of the Register here (please click to open).

All existing cards issued under the Register of Craftsmen and Craftswomen remain valid until the expiry date shown on the card, however, if cardholders wish to obtain a new Construction Isle of Man card ahead of this expiry date, they can be transferred free of charge.

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Certification Scheme Registration

If you would like to apply to feature on the Register please follow the link below.

Forms and resources

We have a library of links, forms and various useful resources which can be easily accessed by all.

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