Rules and standards

Ensuring standards are not only kept high but maintained is integral to our mission.

Rules and standards designed to protect all.

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We have a full set of standards, procedures and rules that must be adhered to as an Accredited Professional.

These terms form our Conditions for Members and all must be familiar with this as it is your responsibility to ensure your standards are maintained.

You can view our full conditions here 

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Outlining our rules and standards

  • Act with integrity to uphold and enhance the reputation of our construction industry

  • Competence in what you do

  • Keep up to date with current legislation and developments

  • Know and practice good health & safety

  • Committed to a safe, clean and tidy work environment

  • Insurances and indemnities in place

Become accredited

All you need to know about how to become accredited with us. It's really very simple.

Forms and resources

We have a library of links, forms and various useful resources which can be easily accessed by all.

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