Terms & Conditions for Members

Construction Isle of Man terms and conditions of membership and accreditation.

1. No Member or person shall become or remain a Member of Construction Isle of Man or hold any class of membership unless:

1.1 that person has completed an application for membership of Construction Isle of Man

1.2 the Executive or staff of Construction Isle of Man or members nominated by the Executive have approved the application or the continued membership as applicable, such approval to be entirely within the discretion of the said Executive or staff of Construction Isle of Man. Such approval shall not be vexatiously denied. Members shall, in fulfilling their professional responsibilities and the duties which they undertake, have full regard to the public interest. Should Membership be denied, reasons for the denial shall be provided by Construction Isle of Man and full details of the appeal process will be provided.

2. Members shall demonstrate a level of competence. that would be considered by the industry as appropriate to the service being provided and to act with all reasonable skill and care.

3. Members shall always act with integrity to uphold and enhance the dignity, standing and reputation of Construction Isle of Man.

4. Members shall discharge their duties with complete fidelity and probity. In particular they shall:

4.1 ensure, when providing an advisory service, that the advice given is fair and unbiased.

4.2 ensure, when undertaking any construction related activity, that all such work is in accordance with good practice and current standards and complies with all statutory and contractual requirements.

5. Members shall not undertake work for which they knowingly lack sufficient professional or technical competence, or the adequate resources to meet their obligations.

6. Members providing an advisory service are required to hold and maintain professional indemnity insurance to cover the full liability of any advisory service offered, and to conduct themselves professionally.

7. Members undertaking any construction related activity are required to hold and maintain insurances and indemnify their client against the risks for which insurance is commonly effected arising out of the worksin respect of those employed, third parties and adjoining properties.

8. Members shall not maliciously or recklessly injure or attempt to injure, whether directly or indirectly, the professional reputation, prospects, or business of others.

9. Members shall keep themselves informed of current thinking and developments appropriate to the type and level of their responsibility.

10. Members shall always have comprehensive knowledge of, and due regard for, legislation in respect of Health, Safety and Welfare as this legislation affects all parts of the building process, from design, construction, maintenance to demolition. Members shall be responsible for ensuring that colleagues and others involved with
the building process are aware of and understand their responsibilities under such legislation.

11. Members must have the competence to undertake risk assessment and to ensure that the outcome from the assessment is followed through into safe systems of working.

12. Members must be committed to providing a safe, clean, and tidy working environment for all concerned in the building process, and always to comply with legislation and best practice; to include

12.1 providing and encouraging all under their control to undertake training and continuing development in Health and Safety matters.

12.2 being prepared and committed to take disciplinary action against any individual or individuals who abuse or ignore any regulations, putting themselves or any others at risk.

13. Members shall not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race or ethnic origin,sexual orientation, marital status, creed, nationality, disability, or age and shall seek to eliminate such discrimination by others to promote equal opportunities.

14. Construction Isle of Man reserve the right to undertake an audit of any Member to ensure compliance with these Terms and Conditions at any time. Construction Isle of Man will give notice prior to audit. The selection will be random. A full description of the audit process will be forwarded to the Member on selection. On failure to comply
with the audit, or non‐conformance with these Terms and Conditions, Construction Isle of Man reserves the right to revoke Membership.

15. On successful application Accredited members can request a digital copy of the accredited logo to be emailed to them for use on letterheads, stationary, brochures, company websites, company vehicles etc.

15.1. Should a Member resign or have membership revoked, all references to the title or logo must be removed from all property and stationery with immediate effect. Failure to do so may result in further action being taken for a breach of these terms and conditions.

16. The board of directors may at their absolute discretion suspend or terminate membership of CIOM and remove Members from the Register of Members.  In the exercise of this power the board of directors shall not be obliged (by reference to the rules of natural justice or otherwise) to follow any particular form of procedure, whether by way of hearing or otherwise, or to appoint any independent assessor or other third party in connection with such exercise or otherwise to comply with the rules of natural justice but may at their absolute discretion exercise such power as they see fit by a vote of at least seventy five (75) percent of the directors present and voting at the meeting.

17. Disciplinary Process. Any member shall cease to be a member if: ‐

17.1 such member ceases to maintain an established place of business within the Isle of Man (excluding site only membership); or

17.2 the Board resolves that the member has acted in such a way as to bring Construction Isle of Man into disrepute and resolves that such member shall have their membership of Construction Isle of Man revoked and such resolution is approved by a two‐thirds majority of those present; or

17.3 The Board resolves that the Member is adjudged to not be maintaining the standards required by Construction Isle of Man included in these Terms and Conditions and resolves that such member shall have their membership of Construction Isle of Man revoked and such resolution is approved by a two‐thirds majority of those present

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