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Training and Apprenticeships

Check out the latest courses in construction and earn while you learn with no huge student debt!

Training and Apprenticeships

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  • Construction, planning and the built environment is an expanding sector for higher and degree level apprenticeships.
  • Whichever stage of life you’re at, you can apply for an apprenticeship that’s a good fit for your level of education.

An alternative to A-levels

If you’ve left school after completing your GCSEs or their equivalents, you could apply for a level 3 construction apprenticeship. The National Certificate in Construction and the Built Environment is an A-level equivalent course and an increasingly popular way to earn a salary while gaining vocational qualifications and developing knowledge on the job at the same time.

How You Did In School Doesn’t Matter. What You Want To Do With Your Life Does.

There’s a myth that a construction apprenticeship is usually chosen as an option by people who didn’t perform well at school.

It’s just that: a myth.

You can achieve fantastic or indifferent grades and still decide to pursue construction jobs through an apprenticeship or working your way up to a professional qualification that takes you places.

However you did at school, you can allow yourself to choose a career that actually interests you – one that can give you responsibility, influence, job satisfaction and a feeling that you’re changing the world for the better.

View opportunities at UCM
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Do you like to graft away in the great outdoors? Or do you prefer problem solving from a desk? Practical, creative, evolving, fast-paced and important work is conducted within this industry. Whatever your skillset, there's something out there for you.

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Starting a career in construction

We're here to dispel some myths. A career in construction can be as varied as you want it to be. Builder, Plumber, Architect, Surveyor, Crane Operator, Carpenter, Electrician, the list goes on! The sky is the limit in this fast-paced, progressive industry.

Career case studies

It is crucial that construction continues to move with the times. The below case studies demonstrate the importance of continual learning in this ever-evolving industry.

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