What does accredited mean?

Accreditation is a fancy way of saying an organisation meets a defined set of standards. Once accreditation status has been granted, this provides the confidence and comfort you need to make the right choice. It's as simple as that.

Trust in us

Nobody ever intends to hire an inferior contractor, but without the necessary trust in place, a home renovation project can easily go awry.

Poor workmanship, countless delays and an ever-growing bill are some of the all too common pitfalls that can create a negative impression of the industry. Not to mention an unacceptable customer experience.

That's where our contractors and consultants differ. Our accredited members care about our industry and its reputation, our Island and our community. We offer development, support and training for all members and a complaints procedure for you, to give the peace of mind and comfort that you selected the right team for your project.

You can trust in us and our members.

Why choose an accredited professional?

Accredited members have demonstrated that they can be trusted to do good work.

Run by us, companies undergo thorough checks which examine the health and safety procedures they have in place, as well as their history of safe practice and attitude towards professionalism and the environment.
  • Builds confidence and trust

    Knowing a business has accredited status acts as a seal of approval. It shows that the company are committed to achieving industry-recognised standards.

  • Demonstrates expertise

    Any company which adheres to the strict requirements of accreditation will stand out from the competitors as experts in their field.

  • Indicates a clear commitment to health & safety

    With strict rules in the accreditation process, only the best will pass with flying colours. This is why every person who enters a construction site must have a recognised health and safety qualification.

  • Raises standards for the industry

    The more organisations who reach accredited status, the better for Isle of Man construction and, for the economy.

  • Farewell cowboy culture!

    Independent and regular assessments give you assurances that the cowboys will not be found here.

  • Farewell timewasters!

    Only the most dedicated and trustworthy professionals are here.

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