Starting a career in construction

We're here to dispel some myths. A career in construction can be as varied as you want it to be. Builder, Plumber, Architect, Surveyor, Crane Operator, Carpenter, Electrician, the list goes on! The sky is the limit in this fast-paced, progressive industry.

What actually is construction?

It's much more than you think...and more important too.

  • To construct is to build; construction is how it is built.
  • Creating buildings for our Island community.
  • Providing solutions to our basic needs - shelter, water, waste.
  • There are many stages - planning, financing, design before building commences.
  • There are many types - buildings, infrastructure, industrial.
  • It is always a collaborative project with many people working together.
  • It is a continual, ongoing process.
  • There are always new things to be built!

Find a career in construction and positively impact our Island.

Why choose Construction?

Here are just a few benefits of choosing a career in construction.

  • Diverse career choices.

    Diverse career choices.

    There is no one defined role within the industry. There are multiple career paths you can take depending on your qualifications, strengths and interests.

  • Never a dull moment.

    Never a dull moment.

    Rest assured, you'll always be busy! Society is forever looking to upgrade their buildings and infrastructure. Just as one project ends, you'll no doubt be starting on the next one.

  • Develop teamwork.

    Develop teamwork.

    Construction is as collaborative as it gets. There are so many layers to projects that strong teamwork is essential for success. Working with an eclectic group of people from differing backgrounds and roles can only be a positive for life lessons and forging friendships.

  • Making a difference.

    Making a difference.

    You are directly impacting upon society when you're in construction. Whether you are in an admin-based position or working on site, you can sleep at night knowing you've made a difference to the community.

  • Accessibility.


    There are numerous routes you can take to get here. Graduate, apprentice, school-leaver or complete career change, construction simply wants good people. It is an equal opportunities industry covering the full spectrum of society.

  • Infinite possibilites.

    Infinite possibilites.

    Through sheer hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything. It's down to you!

There's a lot more to the construction industry than you may think.

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There are so many opportunities within Construction.

Are you a creatively minded person? Do you like to be working outside and getting stuck in? What job will best suit your personality and qualifications?

The Go Construct Career Explorer Tool helps you find the right jobs for you in the construction industry. Check out What career is right for me?

Here is a list of reasons why this is an industry that should not be overlooked when considering your career.

1. The Building Industry Never Runs Out Of Jobs

There’s a major shortage of skilled workers in the trades and technical areas.  Everyone from residential contractors to commercial construction companies are looking for young people that are willing to learn and work hard. In fact, there are projections that job openings and the need for skilled workers will continue to grow. We can't predict the future but there's always something being built! 

2. Equal Work Opportunities For Everyone

Whether you are looking for a desk job or something to get your hands dirty, you can find that job position at a construction site. From bricklayers, plasterers, surveyors, and engineers; the possibilities of work within a building site are limitless.

It's a career path where continual learning is key. You can learn on the job or further your skills in college or university. There's no set pathway to success!

3. Make An Impact On Your Community

Call us old fashioned, but we believe there’s something to be said for doing good, honest work. Construction is sort of the unsung hero of our culture. We build the places we work in, the homes we live and play in, the roads we commute on, and consider ourselves an industry that truly make a difference within the community. Whether it be residential buildings, offices, commercial premises or protecting our heritage, whatever you build will have a lasting impression.

You have opportunity to shape the world and leave your mark.

4. Construction is a Lucrative Industry

If you are prepared to work hard, you get paid well. It's really that simple. 

5. Job Satisfaction

Meeting new people from different cultures and backgrounds, travelling the world, seeing a collaborative effort come together into something tangible, leaving a stamp showcasing all the work you were involved in, achieving a sense of pride and accomplishment in creating something everlasting...

Do we need to go on? You'll be hard-pressed to find a career with more opportunity for job satisfaction.

6. Stay Fit & Healthy

A career in construction gives you the chance to be much more physically fit, healthy and active during your day. Even those in the industry that are office based get out on site. The fresh air and active nature of the job can only be beneficial.

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