Climate Change Action Plan

The Isle of Man Government’s Action Plan Phase One was published on 9th January 2020 to bring the Island's carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.

The plan commits to a large number of actions and has been developed following the independent report produced by Professor James Curran that is being published today alongside the Government’s action plan

Actions include:

  • Committing £10 million to the year one of the action plan
  • Delivering 75% of the Island's electricity from renewable sources by 2035
    Banning fossil fuel heating appliances, in new build properties, by 2025
  • Complete the first in a series of peat land restoration projects, restoring a minimum of 1000 acres
  • Planting of 85,000 trees at Meary Veg
  • Banning all peat cutting
  • Developing an all-Island charging network for electric vehicles by 2030
  • Establishing a local carbon offsetting scheme
  • Developing a strategy to encourage green technology
  • Investigating opportunities for further business hubs in key locations around the Island to reduce emissions from commuter miles
  • Introduce a Climate Change Bill into the Branches of Tynwald by June 2020
  • Developing a Just Transition Strategy for a fair and equitable move towards carbon neutral

You can find full details by accessing the links below,

Phase 1 of the Isle of Man Government Action Plan for Achieving Net  Zero Emissions by 2050

Isle of Man Programme for Achieving Carbon Targets (IMPACT)

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