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Construction IOM Forum June

Please join us at Construction IOM forum on Friday 25th June at Eagle Lab. This forum is open to all individuals working in the Construction Sector.

Construction Isle of Man are delighted to have Sarah Ennett, Internet of Things (IoT) manager and Joe Hughes from Manx Technology Group speaking at the next CIOM Forum meeting on Friday 25 June 2021 at 8.00AM at the eagle Lab, Victoria Street, Douglas.

Sarah and Joe will cover the following;

Introduction to the IoT Accelerator initiative, it’s aims and approach

  • Highlight the benefits of the public sector pilot projects in the pipeline for the Island (Indoor Air Quality/Environmental monitoring, Smart Parking, IoT education, visitor numbers to key areas of the Island (retail areas, plantations, nature reserves etc.))

  • Walkthrough and discussion of examples cited by technologists from the global construction industry and relevance to us on the IoM now or in the future (e.g. Asset tracking, wearables for safety and productivity, Digital Twin; real time site data feeding into analytical models etc.)

  • Q&A and sharing challenges for the sector in the Isle of Man and exploration of whether there are proof of concept projects we could collaboratively develop to test solutions to solve our local problems.
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